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Attach the Javascript and CSS files to your document. Edit CSS file and fix the paths to images and change colors to fit your site theme. Important: be sure to include Javascript files in the specific order as in the example below.

<link rel="stylesheet" media="screen" type="text/css" href="css/spacegallery.css" />
<script type="text/javascript" src="js/eye.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="js/utils.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="js/spacegallery.js"></script>

Invocation code

Prepare a block level element with some images inside. All you have to do is to select the elements in a jQuery way and call the plugin.

$('#myGallery').spacegallery({loadingClass: 'loading'});


A hash of parameters. All parameters are optional.

border integer Images' border. Default: 0
duration integer Animation duration. Default 800
perspective integer Perpective height. Default: 140
minScale float Minimum scale for the image in the back. Default: 0.2
loadingClass string CSS class applied to the element while looading images. Default: null
before function Callback function triggered before going to the next image
after function Callback function triggered after going to the next image
Sharif M.Afzal Hossain as president of Bangladesh Chamber of Industries (BCI) with Noble Laureate Economist Amorto Shen on right, Honourable Former President of the people’s Republic of Bangladesh Justice Shahabuddin Ahmed at middle & renound economist former advisor of the Care Taker Govt. of Bangladesh at a state Banquite in Bangobhaban, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Sharif M.Afzal Hossain as first President of Spain Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SBCCI) speaking at the Launching ceremony of the Chamber with Hon. Ambassador of Bangladesh & Spain, Former Minister of Govt. of Bangladesh & editor of Daily New Age Late Enayetullah Khan & Former Principle Secretary of the Honourable Prime Minister of the Govt. of Bangladesh.
Interview with Voice of America by Rafiqul Islam at Washington, U.S.A
Meetting with renound American Congress man at Ciatol, U.S.A in the part of IVP programme of the state dept.of America in 1997.
intervewing to a television Channel on his publication of Books in 21st February Book Fair in Bangla Academy premises..
Sharif M.Afzal Hossain as President of APO Society of Bangladesh meeting with the President of APO, an International Organization at Tokyo, Japan.
Sharif M. Afzal Hossain as Bangladesh Delegate Head Participated in an International Business Conference at Amsterdam, Netherland.
Sharif M. Afzal Hossain at FKI International Summit in Seoul , Korea.
Sharif M.Afzal Hossain as President of BCI of Bangladesh exchanging the views with the Foreign Dignitaries.
Sharif M.Afzal Hossain with the Sri langkan Dignitary at a reception.
Sharif M.Afzal Hossain with the Diplomat of the Govt. of Iran
Sharif M.Afzal Hossain with the Honourable Former Prime Minister of India Mr. I.K Guzral and Honourable Prime Minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina & Honourable President of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh Justice Shahabuddin Ahmed at a State Banquet .
Sharif M.Afzal Hossain with the National Poet of Bangladesh Poet Shamsur Rahman & others
Sharif M.Afzal Hossain at a State visit to Japan with honouurable Prime Minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina & Honourable Prime Minister of japan at Tokyo state Banquet.
Sharif M.Afzal Hossain inaugurating an International seminar with Ministers & others Dignitaries in an International Conference Centre.
Sharif M. Afzal Hossain receiving award from the VC of Dhaka University A.A.M.S Arefin Siddique & Former Secretary of GOB. Mr. Magrub Morshed. The buddiest relegious leader Suddananda Mohathero was also present in the occasio.
Sharif M.Afzal Hossain speaking in the meeting in Honour of his Mohatma Gandhi award giving ceremony.
Sharif M.Afzal Hossain Founder & Chairman of TUB & Labour & expatriate Minister of GOB. Engr. Khandhakar Mossaraf Hossain opening the first administrative works of Times University Bangladesh (TUB) in Faridpur.
Sharif M.Afzal Hossain delivering speech of the opening Times University Bangladesh (TUB) as founder & Chairman of the University.
Honorable Minister Engr. Khandhakar Mossaraf Hossain delivering speech of opening of Times University Bangladesh (TUB) while Sharif M.Afzal Hossain in presiding.
Sharif M.Afzal Hossain delivering speech in reception of his honour of award giving ceremony with distinguished guests with Former Finance Secretary of GOB. Magrub Morshed & Vice Chancellor of DU A.A.M.S Arefin Siddique is sitting on the stage.
Sharif M.Afzal Hossain with very honourable guest in the publication ceremony of his three books in February, 2014.
Sharif M. Afzal Hossain receiving award from the great language hero & reveal of 1951 Abdul Matin, a man of history.
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